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    Default Servlet on 3 and 2 tier architecture NEED HELP

    Hi guys i am new in this forum and kind of a java noob so i need your help

    There is an excersise that keep making me fail into pass a really important lesson and its goes like this

    "Write a java servlet which will receive a parameter "HOTEL_CODE" from a form and it will query the database returning the values of the hotel (hotel name, hotel phone, hotel email etc) and prints them. Write this servlet using 2-tier and 3-tier architecture. What is the difference?"

    Thank you in advance.
    A fast response will be deeply appreciated! (exams in 2 days :P)
    Cool Site btw!!!

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    Homework dump, locking. If you have a specific question about your code, feel free to start a new thread.

    Recommended reading: How to ask questions the smart way


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