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    Default Problem in Servlet with JDBC

    Hello ,

    I 'm a new programmer in Java . This semester , I have a project in which I have to design a web site using HTML and Servlet.
    But I faced with a problem that prevents me strat my project :(

    The problem was the servlet program that contains a connection to MS Access did not work :(

    If the servlet program does not have a connection to a database , it works properly !<<< some of my colleague even this did not work ,,

    The error is some thing like this :

    HTTP Status 404 - /jdbc/servlet/coreservlets.NorthwindServlet


    type Status report

    message /jdbc/servlet/coreservlets.NorthwindServlet

    description The requested resource (/jdbc/servlet/coreservlets.NorthwindServlet) is not available.


    Apache Tomcat/5.5.20

    I'm using apache-tomcat-5.5.20
    and jdk1.5.0

    I hope you could help my as soon as possible:(

    Thanks in advance,,

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    How do you configure your servlet (servlet mapping) in the web.xml file. The 404 error is just telling that the resource does not exists in the server.

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    Define the JDBC details in a method in a separate class and Create an object of that class in the servlet. Using this object, call the method which establishes connection.
    I think this is the best possible way....If any reply!!!
    All The Best!!!

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