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    Default Question about RequestDispatcher

    Hi all, I am a green hand.
    Now, I am facing a problem using include() of RequestDispatcher. The below is the part of my servlet code

    in doPost
    Java Code:
    request.setAttribute("list", bean.viewAll()); // set the list
    RequestDispatcher dispatcher = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher(toPage);
    writer.println("<script>alert('plan_no = " + planNo + " is added');</script>");
    where bean.viewAll() return a List object

    I got no exception and error but a bug!!
    I expect a alert will popup but it doesn't, and the worst thing is the web page only show the html code instead of the GUI.

    And, I have tried to use "forward()" instead of "include()" that it really can solve the problem, however, I need the alert message.
    Furthermore, I have also tried to remove the code
    Java Code:
    request.setAttribute("list", bean.viewAll());
    Then, it also can solve the problem. Again, I need the "list"....

    What' wrong with my code? Please give me a hand.
    Thank you

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