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    Default variable session problem

    Hi everybody. i have run my program in jsp but i have move it to servlet. during compilation, the following error ensued
    C:\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\test\WEB-INF\classes>javac cannot find symbol
    symbol : variable session
    location: class Test
    String name = session.getAttribute("name").toString();
    1 error

    how do i define variable session or how do i fetch the session from the request instance. please give example. thanks

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    Default reply to variable session problem

    hi commissioner,

    Your servlet is showing such an error because its cannot find any variable called session. In a jsp you need not to declare a session variable explicitly, but in a servlet you need to do it!

    So before ou write :
    Java Code:
    String name = session.getAttribute("name").toString();
    declare your session variable first and then use it -

    Java Code:
    HttpSession session=request.getSession(false); // you may use true instead of false
    String name =(String) session.getAttribute("name");
    Try'll surely work!..

    good luck! :)

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