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    Default Mysql data to build a HTML form

    I am new to java (not in a class).

    I was trying to use a mysql table to hold all the names of the input fields I want in my HTML form. I was then going to have the servlet create the HTML with a loop that would build the form and then the same thing to handle it the submitted data.

    I would like to be able to add fields quickly and have the application dynamically handle it (end user manage exact content). Is this the right approach? Are there any good examples of this? Are servlets the right choice for this?

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    Not the right approach.
    Use a javabean driven framework for input properties that lets you bind values to Java objects rather than to strings. That way the parameters are automatically passed both ways from client to server side in a clean way and at the server side you'd have java objects that you can pass to a clean persistence solution. JSPs are better for presentation than servlets too.

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