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    Default What is the path of .vm in servlet ( Apache Velocity)

    Hi All,

    I have a servlet

    Class testServlet extends HttpServlet

    I am using apache velocity to generate some text.

    But the path of .vm is not recognized

    VelocityEngine ve=new Velocity();
    Template template =ve.getTemplate("test.vm");

    Where should i place the .vm file.

    Any help is highly appreciated!!!!!


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    Default Re: What is the path of .vm in servlet ( Apache Velocity)

    Not for sure but if you run the following: System.getProperty("user.dir");

    it will give you a directory. Place the file in there and Velocity.getTemplate("index.vm"); will pick up the file in that directory. Its a work around for now as i am too looking for a way to place the .vm file within my package and have the program to get it.

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