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    Default Unable to access servlet after publishing website

    Hi I need help :(

    I'm trying to deploy a website via an interface called cpanel that is provided by the hosting co.

    The directories I have at the moment are:
    - public_html
    - images
    - WEB_INF
    - classes
    - lib

    My JSP files are in the public_html folder and servlets are in the classes folder.

    On my home.jsp i have the following form:
    <form name='LoginForm' action='servlet/UserLogin'> ... </form>
    (initially I wrote the action attribute as='UserLogin' but it returns an error saying resource is not found. According to e hosting co I need to specify the action attribute as above. Its kinda strange as I dont have a servlet folder to begin with. Anyway it works.)

    So upon submission of the form I'll get to the UserLogin servlet. At the end of the servlet, I used the following to return control to my home page:
    RequestDispatcher dispatcher = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/home.jsp");
    dispatcher.forward(request, response);

    But this will take me to which is non-existent.

    Any idea how I can resolve this? My hosting co doesnt seem to know what theyre doing.. unfortunately.

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    could you please try this code in RequestDiaplatcher

    RequestDispatcher dispatcher = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/public_html/home.jsp");
    dispatcher.forward(request, response);

    just check it even i am not 100% confident on this.

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