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    Default @404 error posting here

    hi friends....

    I am making a simple servlet program but the browser is showing the 404 status error....

    Below is what ia have done...

    apache tomcat is i am seeing its windoe in browser.....

    I hav set all the 3 required paths which are..
    1. path for java
    2. JAVA_HOME for tomcat
    3. classpath for servlet-api.jar

    now i hav following directory structure for my Demo servlet program....


    I am not using any web.xml file so when i am putting the below in browser it shows me 404 error...

    So please help me out....
    thanks in advance...

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    Without a web.xml file to map the servlet name to the actual class then Tomcat has no idea what servlet/Demo is.

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    Default @ Above

    yeah you are right ...
    But it can be resolved if we edit the web.xml of Tomcat..

    i have resolved the problem now...

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