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    Default Problem with TimeStamp.

    Can mabey someone please explain this to me.

    When a user enter a note on my wall, ill persist it to mysql db, I then read the db and display it again with the new note included.

    BUT the (timeStamp) date dont show until I restart the browser, I have the data saved in the same database/table. :confused: What am I doing wrong ?

    some code below.
    Java Code:
    else if (!userPath.isEmpty() && userPath.equals("/enterWallNote")) {
                String eventId = request.getParameter("eventid");
                String body = request.getParameter("body");
                Events event = (Events) eventsFacade.find(Integer.parseInt(eventId));
                EventWall eventWall = new EventWall(body, event, user);
                // save posts
                // get saved posts
                List notes = eventWallFacade.readNotes(event);
                request.setAttribute("notes", notes);
                request.setAttribute("result", "handleThisEvent");
                userPath = "/empty";
    Java Code:
        public void postNote(EventWall eventWall) {
        public List readNotes(Events event){
            Query q = em.createNamedQuery("custom.findByEvent");
            q.setParameter("events", event);
            try {
                return (List) q.getResultList();
            } catch (NoResultException nr) {
                return null;
    Java Code:
    <c:if test="${!empty notes}">
                            <c:forEach var="note" items="${notes}">
                                <div id="wallHead">${} - ${note.postDate} <br /></div>
                                <div id="wallBody">${note.body}</div>
    Java Code:
        @Basic(optional = false)
        @Column(name = post_date")
        private Date postDate;
    public Date getPostDate() {
            return postDate;
    public void setPostDate(Date postDate) {
            this.postDate = postDate;
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