I have the Tomcat directory as follows:
C: \ apache-tomcat-6.0.29And my projects (Workspace) in the following directory
C: \ Projects \ Java_Project \ Test1 I created a Dynamic Web Project in Test1 called Web_Teste.
I went on the Servers tab and gave an Add / Remove Web_Teste in my project.
I created there my Servlet, listener, and my java class Deployment (web.xml), all via Eclipse Helios. After finished everything (all copied from the book Head First - Servlets and JSP), gave a Start Tomcat. I went and typed in the browser:
The book said that it was not necessary to create an HTML page, but could call for direct mapping (ListenTest.do) created in my DD. ListenerTeste is my Servlet.
BNem, the fact is it did not work. I know that the IDE does everything, but I doubt a train. For Tomcat to read something, it should not be under WebApps? If I only in Eclipse, add the server tab in my project, it will create a project on Tomcat or not? I need to copy everything to Tomcat, if needed and if I had several people working on the project, how would it be? My Workspace should be pointed at a folder within Tomcat? I was told that this should not happen. These are my initial doubts. Note that Java is no doubt, but for web development environment (setup, I think).