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    Default How to get / setAttribute from a List with many sql id.

    Hi. Thankś for taking the time.

    Im gonna try my best to explain this. This is still new to me, and my english is as it is.

    Java Code:
    Customer customer = (Customer) customerFacade.find(1);
    Will find/set one Customer with id 1, But what do I do if I want many? Not findAll(). Just the one's that match the sql search. Like below.

    Java Code:
    Customer customer = (Customer) customerFacade.find(1 and 3 and 5);
    This is the best I can explain my needs without having to write a book. Hope it makes sense to you.

    Regards / peace. Thanks again.

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    Default Ooo I think I got it.

    Java Code:
    else if (!userPath.isEmpty() && userPath.equals("/listevents")) {
                String head = (String) request.getParameter("head");
                String city = (String) request.getParameter("city");
                String month = (String) request.getParameter("month");
                String day = (String) request.getParameter("day");
                List list = managerFacade.listEvents(head, city, Integer.parseInt(month), Integer.parseInt(day));
                ArrayList test = new ArrayList();
                Iterator it = list.iterator();
                while(it.hasNext()) {
                request.setAttribute("profile", "listem");
                userPath = "/profile";

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