new to java trying to create a java udp client servlet to encode data (ascii) and be recieved by server, i have tried to write some code but not sure if it is correct and if i need to declare anything at the begining:

public static void main(String args[]){

//creates a string for name called Help
String s= "Help"

//Converts name into byte sequence
byte[] B = S.getBytes("US-ASCII");

//Creates a string for a number
String boot= 1234567811111111

//Convert number into byte sequence
byte[] B =CC;getbytes("US-ASCII");

//create datagram socket
aSocket = new DatagramSocket();

//Host name
InetAddress address = InetAddress.getByName("localhost")

//set port number
public function set ServerPort (3670 : int)

//create datagram packet
DatagramPacket request =
new DatagramPacket(m, args[0].length(), aHost, serverPort);
// Send it

does the code i have written convert to ascii? any problems with it?