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    Default using a static variable in a servlet

    Hi friends,
    I wanted to count the number of object entities that i add through my html page and generate a number(manually) for each object added. After adding each object, i want to have a display of the total number of objects added in the same page with object number concatenated to the object name. i thought of using a static variable inside a class and update that variable whenever i'm calling a method to add the object. am i going in the right way? give me your opinions.


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    static properties would be global to the application, for example, if three users each accessed the same page, they all would see the same count value, the sum of all objects each one of them has added.

    I think what you are looking for here is a 'session' variable.

    With the HttpServletRequest object, inside your servlet doGet method, etc.

    Java Code:
    Integer counter = request.getSession().getAttribute("myCounter"); 
    if (counter = null) {
      counter = new Integer(0);
    // mutate the counter here
    counter = new Integer(counter.intValue() + 1); // or how ever you compute total objects
    request.getSession().setAttribute("myCounter", counter);

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