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    Default Apache 1.3 Servlet not found

    I have installed an apache server onto a redhat linux distribution. My web application is within /var/www/html. I have edit the httpd.conf so that the default server page in my index.jsp. All client side validation is working.

    However when submitting the form, i get tthe error server not found. I packaged my app within a .war then unpackaged it within the var/www/html. Do i need the servlet to be of the .java extension and not .class extension while running server side?

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    no, unpacking the war file into /var/www/html is not a servlet container, that is apache http server document root.

    you need to have tomcat servlet container, and have the war file unpacked into tomcat, and then if you want to use apache as the front end, have mod_jk installed and configured in apache to JKMount *.jsp to the application where it is unpacked in your tomcat webapps.

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