I have a frameset with 3 frames.
First displays header
second is a jsp page which has the main criteria entries and when i click on submit i want to call the servlet which has to display results on the 3rd frame.
so everytime i change the criteria selection in the second frame i want the 3rd frame to show the new results..can any1 help me??its urgent..pls let me know if u want to know anything...
In brief:-
theres a login page and when i login with the credentials-if they are correct it takes me to the frameset.jsp page where i have set the first frame as the header.the second frame-search.jsp.
the third frame i dont know what to add..generally if the frameset is not there the search.jsp takes me to the servlet which displays the result.but then to search again i have to go back to the search.jsp page again.so to avoid that i thought of using frame set where my requirement is when i click on the submit button it should show the servlet result in the third frame.and whenever i change the criterias in the second frame i.e. the search.jsp page it shud show the new results. PLS HELP ASAP!!