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    Default Help me get started

    Hello fellow java enthusiasts,

    I'm just beginning to learn JEE technologies. I've been using J2SE for an year now and I had no clue to what J2EE is all about. So, can anyone please suggest me a good starting point to learn J2EE from scratch? More specifically can anyone suggest me a good book to read Servlets, JSP, EJB first and then Struts, Spring and Hibernate later, maybe?
    -- I tried reading Java ee6 tutorial, but they are too specific to java products(netbeans, glassfish etc) and they don't explain examples in a good way and their attention to details is not very good.


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    hello there! I believe that those two books 1) Head First Servlets and JSP 2)Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook are a good place to start with servlets and JSP development. As for Spring check the book Sprin in action and for Hibernate :Java Persistence with Hibernate.

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