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Thread: Servlet JDBC

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    Default Servlet JDBC

    Can anyone please help me with pointing to the right direction on webapplications.

    I have a table in the database that returns 50K rows when running a query. I have been reading through some books and forums, SDN including that a correct way to access the database is through the Business tier EJB session beans and JPA and access these objects from Servlets. I understand that and I have an example that works using paging so I do not need to send all 50K records at once. My question is, the resultset retrieves entity objects and I have to create data transfer objects for each one of them to send to the GWT client? Doesn't it mean I have twice as much objects in the memory at a time to compare with accessing database through JDBC from Servlets directly? In the later case I wouldn't have any entity objects and occupy less memory? Is it completely wrong idea?


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