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    Question How to test my proxy application on localhost?


    I have created a java method that take as arguments 2 object: httpServletRequest and httpServletRespose.

    This class must simply analyze remote http requests and return http responses.

    How can I test my application on localhost?

    public void processImage(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

    //process request

    //write response


    Thank you


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    you mean outside of a servlet ? there is the concept of "Mock" objects, such as in springframework or "easymock" project, that provide stub implementations for interfaces, such as a stand alone faked HttpServletRequest, that you would populate such as inside a unit test case in a stand alone executable outside of a servlet container.

    That is only good for offline testing. for testing inside a servlet container (deployed on the localhost), you would need to invoke the servlet with a http client. to do this programatically, it is usually possible to create a HTTP GET or POST message using something such as the commons-httpclient, where a unit test case would invoke the http client, that you have built to generate the appropriate request

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    Default do it safer next time

    You can urge it much safer if you will use <a href=''>proxy surf</a>. All transportation is sniffing via your provider, it's your chance...

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