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    I have a form linked to a servlet that uploads files. I would like the name of the file that has been uploaded to be displayed next to the <h3>line once it has been processed. I have no problems linking the servlet to the form or uploading the file. I simply want the name of the uploaded file to appear next to the word uploaded. Thank you for your help in advance.

    // Generate some sample HTML
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    out.println("<h3>Your file has been successfully uploaded</h3>");
    out.println("<h3>The following file was uploaded </h3>"); // Name of file should appear next to the word uploaded.

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    I'm using external library from
    Apache Commons FileUpload API
    to work with upload.

    Here is part of code for upload servlet to help you:

    Java Code:
    protected void [B]doPost[/B](HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) 
    		throws ServletException, IOException {
        String message = "";
    		// have file upload request been sent 
    		if (!ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request)) {
    			message = "File not sent!";
    			showError(request, response, message);
    		// if it is MultipartContent that is file 
    		// Parsing the form data with the Apache Jakarta Commons FileUpload library:
    		try {
       ServletFileUpload servletFileUpload = new ServletFileUpload(
    		new DiskFileItemFactory()
    	List fileItemsList = servletFileUpload.parseRequest(request);
    // no need to iterate, there is only 1 member of list and it is file
    FileItem fileItem = (FileItem) fileItemsList.get(0);
    // true if the instance represents a simple form field; false if it represents an uploaded file
    			if (fileItem.isFormField()) {
    			    message = " It's not file! ";
    				showError(request, response, message);
    	// The file item contains an uploaded file
    	System.out.println("The file item contains an uploaded file");
    [B]System.out.println("file name : " + fileItem.getName());
    [/B]System.out.println("file size: " + fileItem.getSize());

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