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    Question compile ignoring dependency errors


    I have the network monitoringsystem OpenNMS installed and I would like to add some extra code to one single servlet.

    So I have donwloaded the whole source from the SVN-repo, and opened the java source-file of this servlet. I added the code I wanted, but now I can't compile the source file. The problem is that I get more than 50 errors, f.ex.

    Java Code: cannot find symbol
    symbol  : class ServletContext
    location: class org.opennms.web.availability.AvailabilityServlet
            ServletContext      context  = getServletConfig().getServletContext();
    I would like to compile this single java file ignoring these errors (as I know the new class will work when I replace it with the existing one).

    I tried to import the whole project in Netbeans (which crashes all the time) and Eclipse (which shows me the same errors as the javac compiler).

    I heard that it would be possible to compile source ignoring errors with the eclipse compiler, but I even can't find an option to compile my file using eclipse.

    It's very frustrating... I just want to compile this single java file to a class file, without having to deal with errors.

    Could somebody please help me with this issue? A good java compiler with an option to ignore errors would be wonderful!

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards,

    Geoffrey :)

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    You can't just "ignore" the errors. You are going to have properly setup the classpath in order to compile it properly.

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