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    Smile How to manage a Session for a user in Emailing system using JAVA ?

    Hi all,
    Can any one help me in usage of Session management for each individual user in Emailing system using servlets. and how to use JMS and user management using Session. how a individual user is given a unique session in Client Server architecture using Java Servlets?. how unique session is managed between a client and server and how it is done programmatically?. how a session object is created and how session id is accessed?

    please any one help me in this context. i need to do a mailing system concept and i need to include it in my task.

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help in.

    thanks in advance,

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    Get a good book e.g Sun's Java EE tutorial and read it.

    P.S Your z key is stuck.

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