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    Default Performance issue - How to Queue and process Servlet Requests

    Hello All,

    I have a servlet running on unix platform. I am facing some performance issue.
    The number of requests per second is huge and i need to do a lot of processing on it.
    This is resulting in piling up the thread pool. And after some time the incoming requests are discarded.

    We decided to make a queue to append the incoming the requests in it.
    And run a separate stand alone java application to process the queue.

    I have never used such queue and lets say i have a queue, how can my stand alone application listen to it.
    I am stuck and need some quick help.

    Thanks in advance

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    i your servet container is tomcat, could you set up a second tomcat server instance, behind apache http server, using mod_jk, with the basic load balancing, so that if you had 2 application servers (possibly on different hosts then) the work load would be shared.

    this assumes the application can support having two or more concurrent instances, that is it is stateless enough to not depend on information in an app instance a(ie a local database cache).

    the idea is not to run a cluster, just more than one tomcat instance to be workers.

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