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    Default set up tomcat on website

    Hey all!

    I got tomcat working on my computer as "localhost:8080" and this is all great. I've learned alot. But now I want to learn how to set it up on my very own website. So, are there any tutorials on how to do that? Or guides? Or any docs on how to do this? Please don't respond by saying "just buy hosting with java servlet support", because this isn't what i'm looking for. I want to know the gnitty-gritty ins and outs of how to set it up from scratch.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've found O'Reilly "Tomcat: the definitive guide" helpful from time to time.

    Unless you specifically want to handle everything yourself, don't dismiss completely the idea of buying managed hosting services from a company that gives you a guide on running Tomcat on their specific setup-- it could save you quite a lot of agro.

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