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    Default CSS and JS pathes are lost after dispatching

    Hello to all!
    I’ve implemented a j2ee project in netbeans…
    I created an *.html page powered by Ajax, it’s perfect when I run this page standalone but when my controller servlet forward to this page with dispatcher all js and css files will be lost!!
    My Servlet mapping is:
    My *.html mapping is:
    My Resources path:
    and I use this in my html:

    Perfect mode:
    localhost:15086/Pedrama/worktable(without controller)
    Incorrect mode:
    localhost:15086/Pedrama/pedrama/worktable (whit controller by dispatcher)

    Please help me!
    Can I use a method for specify paths in my web.xml?!

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    Create in WEB-INF js and css folders and put their your css and js files, then in source of jsp files you configure pathes like styke="/style/<your css file>"(the same with js)

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