I'm currently working on a web application which sould be able to deal with large multimedia-files.
For uploading the files I'm using the Apache Commons FileUpload library.
This works great for files up to 2GB, but when I try it with files larger than 2GB, things go wrong:
The upload doesn't start, in fact, the doPost()-method of the Servlet which handles the upload-request is never called.

I think this might have something to do with the contentLength-property of ServletRequest, which is an integer (so contentLengths > 2GB would cause an overflow), but I'm not sure this is the problem.

So: is it true that the maximum size of a post to a servlet cannot exceed 2GB?
And is there somenone who could giveme some hints about how to make it possible to upload huge files? Files-sizes up to 50GB and more should be supported (raw and un-encode videofiles that are)

Thanks in advance, you would really help me out!