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    Default Constructing simple Servlet

    Hi friends, I really need your help.

    I have an html file saved on my PC. my assignment is to construct a Servlet that will read the info entered by the user when he clicks the submit button.
    I know this!!!!

    Now, I'm using netbeans and I created a web application which also created an index.jsp file in the project.

    So my question is should I copy paste the html code from the file i have saved on my pc to the index.jsp? and then work from the index.jsp file?

    Or should I create a servlet and somehow link it to the HTML file that i have saved in my PC?----don;t know how to do that

    Or should I bring the saved html file into the netbeans project?

    Please i need your help, i need an explanation on what to do?

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    yes you can do by the both the ways...
    you can copy the code from the html page to the index.jsp page,
    and u can copy the html file from ur system to the path netbeans\<ur project>\web directory location.
    then from this code u can call the servlet and read the data.

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