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    Default servlet chaining

    Hi guys, I'm starting with servlet.
    can somebody tell me how servlet chaining is done?
    how to use requestdispatcher, some sample code will be great help.
    is their any same kind of mechanism in cgi?

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    try it
    Java Code:
     RequestDispatcher  dispatcher = req.getRequestDispatcher("yourJSPorServlet");
    dispatcher.forward(req, res);

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    Default Re: servlet chaining

    Servlet Chain:
    Servlet chain is a mechanism provided by java where a servlet can call another servlet.
    Say i have request that is handled by multiple servlets. So the first servlet takes the request process it and send it the second servlet. The output of the previous servlet is input of the next/current servlet.
    By this way the last servlet send the response to the user.

    I wrote an article on servlet chaining
    How to write a servlet chain | Ask QTP
    Hope this will help further

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