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    Default Problem with cache

    I have a system done in jsp and servlets. I have it running in tomcat.
    My problem is , in some parts of system, which for example, from one jsp, I have tag <a href> that in href calls to servlet passing parameters to it through get method, that servlet does an action, it loads things in session, clean others, and does response.sendredirect to the page which I call it.
    The rare thing is that for example, if i tested it of another computer (that has proxy) the page does not refresh, for example I do click in a Link and it does not bring results to me, or I do click in a Link that it has to clean data of the session and the data do not clean them but it sends me to the Link.


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    Check if you have the browser (IE maybe) setting so that it checks automatically when you ask the web site. If it the case, it uses the thing that is in caché instead of the thing that's in the server.

    That's why it sends you to the link but it doesn't clean the things in the session, cause it doesn't go to servlet.


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