I have to set up a system where the main display is going to be a tiny framebuffer USB display, tied to a x86 mini PC running Linux. Now, when the OS desktop or any "non-java" application is shown, all the colors in the picture are "normal", but when any Java application is running, the color is altered, as if one of the RGB components was missing. In the following picture you can see on the foreground the Java application with weird color. On the side is the same picture (same file) opened with firefox.

Framebuffer display shows Java apps in weird color.-201...4_13_35_28.jpg

When I perform the same tests using a "conventional" (HDMI or VGA) display, the image in Java apps is shown well. The same as if I execute the app with X forwarding.

I made the tests on TinyCore Linux (Kernel 3.8.10) and in Lubuntu (14.04.01), and the result is the same.

I am wondering if somebody has a possible explanation or a tip to fix this.


PD: I have posted this issue in Swing forums, but it seems there is not the better place. If somebody knows a better place to post this subject, please let me know.