I understand Java 1.7 is not supported on Windows NT. So I need to find a way around it so i use its features and functions.

Currently my NT is running Java 1.4. I need to install a proprietary software on Windows NT that requires Java 1.7.

When I run an Java 1.7 installer on a command prompt, it returns with a message "Access is Denied". My user has Full Control Permission and Ownership of the installer.

I tried to copy a installed copy of Java 1.7 from XP to NT. When i ran Java -version, I still get "Access is Denied".

I don't have this problem when I run Java 1.4 installer. The Java 1.4 installer runs just fine.

Is there a way around to install Java 1.7 on Windows NT? Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.