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    Default Discuss about game creating

    People (recommend/think) that to create a game is nearly must to use graphic & physic librarys or game engine.

    In this case, lets talk about 2D game. ( it can be RTS/ action/ turn based )


    I believe that graphic library such as LWJGL is not worth to use ( if not learned yet ), because it have very complicated syntax, methods also unclear.
    So using javaFX is very good option, it is somehow easy to learn ( atleast was for me ).
    Using paint, or even better - gimp or another picture editor, does full job. ( Indeed dynamic shadows/lightings suffer. Water reflexion (javaFX supports mp4 formats) - can download video from internet, - possible to edit with some software, can be choppy, but still )


    This interesting one. Of course programmer can itself create functions, physics will not be so good.

    In example, physics library: Box2D. Aswell I found some other physic libraries. How can I know if library can be used for Java? It is not always said " just for this programming language".

    JBox2D: A Java Physics Engine
    Can someone acknowledge in this?
    I even dont know how to use Box2D, do these methods works for javaFX geometric figures (rectangles, squares...)?
    Java Code:
    Rectangle r = new Rectangle();
    I think creating games with javaFX is fine, but other programmers say that I should not.
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    Default Re: Discuss about game creating

    Quote Originally Posted by asdfg View Post
    I think creating games with javaFX is fine, but other programmers say that I should not.
    Should not is different than can't. The former to me means there are better languages to use. Can't means the language does not support sufficient instructions to accomplish the task.

    I have written lots of programs with graphics but only one game. I find the response time of Java is more then adequate but may lack speed for reproducing proper motion in some MMORPG type games (it is, after all a program (JVM) running a program (your creation)).

    But imho, saying you shouldn't use a particular language is like saying, "you can't get there from here." You can but it just won't be easy.

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    Default Re: Discuss about game creating

    Java itself works fine for a lot of styles of games, especially since asdfg is talking about 2D games here.
    The issue with FX is that you will need to do a lot of the wiring yourself, whereas other Java gaming frameworks provide you that wiring for moving in game objects around, collisions and general physics.

    Yes, you can use Box2D, but you will still need to tie it into whatever you plan on doing via FX.
    Something like LibGDX has that built in.
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