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    Default Killer Game Programming in Java

    I am wanting to get into game development, I've taken a class for intro to java and to c++. I've decided to expand myself into java more right now. I'm deciding on what book to start reading to continue expanding my knowledge.

    An old book, "Killer Game Programming in Java" by Andrew Davidson appears to be completely filled with info and details according to the description. But it was published almost 10 years ago. Would it's methods be outdated right now?

    Also, I'm considering to buy Fundamental 2D Game Programming with Java(Fundamental 2D Game Programming with Java: Timothy M. Wright: 9781305076532: Books). Anyone have anything good to say about it?

    Thank you!

    (Sorry if this is the wrong section)

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    Default Re: Killer Game Programming in Java

    I don't know about good books on writing games but if you are new to Java you should probably focus more on Java fundamentals (imho). This should include data structures, lists, maps, etc. The event handling system and using graphics contexts are also important. Otherwise, your game development experience could become frustrating.

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