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    Default Recommend Advanced Book

    I am looking for a good book aimed at Java game programming ONLY.

    I have actually done quite a lot in Java, but never anything to do with gaming. Most of the books I looked at also start teaching you Java from basics, but I am looking for a book which would just show me how to apply my knowledge of Java to writing games, looking at the design and the technical side like AI. I also want to write games in Android. If more than one book is required then thats fine.

    Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Recommend Advanced Book

    Not many people use Java to build (non-applet) games, so game programming books don't generally use Java as their base language. You're far better off letting go of this requirement and searching for a good book on game programming in general and just bite the bullet and eat through the C++/C# code it will have; if anything it will force you to try and understand what the code does in stead of only understanding how to make it work and if you're any good at programming you will certainly be able to read the code even if you can't write it yourself.

    I wouldn't be able to recommend you any to be honest, any game programming book I have read goes not a lot further than graphics and sound programming and topics such as AI, game design and networking are hardly breached. You need specialized books for those topics, or even better take a course at a university. I pieced all that together over a course of 5 years collecting a huge library of articles from the net and looking at existing game code to try and figure out how it works. Quite a painful and time consuming learning path, but that was 15 years ago.

    I would rather recommend you sign up to which is a forum for Java game programmers. There you can find plenty of guidance not only from the people (some of which make their money selling games built in Java too) but also the existing posts. That site is a wealth of information. I would also recommend you to look into LibGDX which is the perfect library to do game programming with Java and target both PCs and Android devices.
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    Default Re: Recommend Advanced Book

    As gimbal says, outside of "how to do graphics and threading" in Java, everything else is pretty much language agnostic.

    If you want to start from the basics of game AI programming, there's a decent O'Reilly book that's been around for years now, but it covers some of the basic concepts. It's not Java based, but that shouldn't be a problem as it's the algorithms you'll want to be looking through.

    I've got this one as well, which is full of interesting insights and covers a huge range of topics (there's 2 further volumes now, I see, but I suspect the first is the best).

    And failing all that, there's always good stuff to find on
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