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    Default need help with game

    am supposed to work on this assignment,wonder if anyone can help


    cheiyo has decided to program some games using the facilities of java

    she is going to gain some experience by starting with some ideas and developing the program into a more complex idea

    her first game is called block 2

    the specs of block 2 are

    when an appropriate menu item is clicked a small green square (block) will appear in the centre of the game area almost at oince the block will start to move slowly left and right accross the game area the block can only move in these two directions

    the p[lyer must try to prevent the block from reaching the edge of the game area, to do this the player the player has to press either the left or right arrow key,however the background movement of the block will be changing directions at random

    at the start of the game the player will have 10 credits each time the block reaches the edge of the area one credit will be lost,the block will move back to the central position and the underlying movement will be increased by 10%

    the object of the game is to keep playing until the pre determined time has elapsed

    the game will end automatically if the time has elapsed or all the credits have been lost

    this is just the first part of the game,can anyone help???

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    Default Re: need help with game

    What do you need help with? Nobody will provide ready made code.
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