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Thread: load 3d model , update it and render using java

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    Question load 3d model , update it and render using java


    i am new to java 3d. i have encountered a situation like , i want to load ready made developed 3d model of any object [as an example shoe] developed in 3d modeling software like 3d studio max or Maya in my java program , update its texture or color properties etc. then render it and then display the updated model to the end user.

    so i am asking all the 3d experts how should i proceed ahead to accomplish my goal ?
    which input should i load into my program ?
    how can i update the loaded model , render it and display the updated model to the end user ?

    in simple story , i want to give my users ability to modify 3d model by their interactions as such ,
    they provided 3d model of shoe for example in default colors and textures & some fields like sole color , if they choose color red then the loaded 3d model's sole is colored red (i.e. updated) and then displayed to end user with red color rubber sole shoe instead of default color shoe.

    please, advice me to accomplish my goal.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: load 3d model , update it and render using java

    You might want to check out JMonkeyEngine: jMonkeyEngine 3.0 | Java OpenGL Game Engine
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    Default Re: load 3d model , update it and render using java

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