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    Default Java gaming using OCR raster graphics, Java NEURAL NETWORK technique, please help me

    I have to complete assessment as stated below with three input files (urls of file provided below) SlimeTorpedo.txt, Starship.txt, & TestData.txt . I am very new to this, can someone please help me in this, on high-level I am able to understand its can solved by using OCR, raster graphics, Java NEURAL NETWORK framework, but unable to collate and provide the solution.

    Well, a little world. Specifically the asteroid X8483-Z-32 that you and Alphonso Bliffageri are
    stuck on. You've been stranded there ever since the evil Rejectos hit your spaceship with a
    slime torpedo fired from one of their spaceships. Now you and Alphonso are trying to save
    your little world from a concerted Rejectos attack.
    The main problem you have is detecting the Rejectos spaceships and slime torpedos, because
    they're protected with cloaking devices. Alphonso has invented an imaging anti-neutrino
    system (which he has modestly named the “Bliffoscope”) that provides the only information
    you have about their location, but it's not very good information. First, the Bliffoscope only
    detects whether there are anti-neutrinos at any particular point on an image, not what their
    intensity is. In other words, the data it provides is the equivalent of a black-and-white image.
    Second, the data is very noisy – even if there are no targets in a particular area, some pixels
    will be “on”, and if there is a target, some of its pixels will be “off”.

    1. TestData.txt: a 100 x 100 swath of raw Bliffoscope data containing between four
    and ten targets.
    2. SlimeTorpedo.txt: a perfect image of a slime torpedo.
    3. Starship.txt: a perfect image of a Rejectos starship.

    Task is to do the following:
    1. Design and write a Java package that can analyze arbitrary-sized Bliffoscope images,
    returning a list of targets found. Each target found should include the target type
    found (starship or slime torpedo), the coordinates of the target on the Bliffoscope data,
    and some indication of your confidence in the target detection.
    2. Design and write test code that submits the test data to your package and prints the
    results returned by your package.
    3. After defeating the Rejectos using your target data,

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    Default Re: Java gaming using OCR raster graphics, Java NEURAL NETWORK technique, please help

    This is a forum, not a coding service. Recommended reading: How to ask questions the smart way

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