Alright, thanks to anyone who views this. I started using Slick 2D, and I took a tutorial on your first import and player movement on Java. When he does it his FPS is about 300-600, but when I do it my FPS is 0-6. My computer isn't the best or newest one, but it can run my friends 2D games, just not mine. I can play 3D games such as Runescape fine, my FPS has to be higher in them then my own game. Nobody else games, just mine. I started the movement program for the player, and it'll look like it teleports far over to the otherside of the screen. Like, I press D (which is to move right) and it'll teleport slowly, as if extreme lag. I have the code of speed * delta enabled and it STILL doesn't help. My own game isn't anything special, it has a background imported and a .png player model file, nothing much at all to slow the gameplay down. My speed is set to 0.1f, nothing really far at all and the screen is 800x600. My character is 100x100. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks. If you have any questions or need any information let me know. Thanks :)!

* I'm using eclipse