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    Default 2D Java APIs for Gaming

    I'm a little lost on what java api to pick for making a 2d platformer. I've found a lot of 3d ones but i don't want to go there. I've looked into the java 2d api which by its name you'd think would do the trick but after reading about it, i don't thinks its meant to tackle games. Is it efficient enough and does it have the right tools to help build a game? Does anyone recommend a better api? I don't want to invest a lot time in learning an api only to find out it sucks.

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    Default Re: 2D Java APIs for Gaming

    I created an API for this but I created it for my use only, you may change it if you want to but the basic collision testing is there. It comes with a program to test worlds out and edit them and I made a text file format. Just tell me if you are interested.

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