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    Default arcade game programming

    My question is simple. Is Java fast enough to use for real
    time arcade games. My only experience is writing simple
    animated games in 6502 assembly language on the Apple
    II 30 years ago. Can Java handle many moving screen objects
    at once along with the timing problems? Or should I forget
    learning Java and go straight to C++ ? I'm mainly interested
    in doing apps for Android .

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    Default Re: arcade game programming

    if your interest is in android programming , i think you should learn java android not c++ about fastness, i dont really know but c++ chould be faster
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    Default Re: arcade game programming

    The short answer to your question is: yes, Java is fast enough.

    You might want to check out libGDX. It's the go-to framework for developing Android games, and it's pretty amazing.

    Edit- Whoops, I just noticed that this thread is super-old. Oh well, maybe somebody else looking to do Android development will check out libGDX.
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