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    Default change sprite from drawing to an image - also, impliment restart button? - Timer?


    I am creating a platform game within Java. I followed tutorials which drew the user controlled sprite. I was wondering, what is the easiest way to change this to an image which I want? (needs to change direction if walking either left or right)

    Here is the tutorial i followed ... How to make a 2D Platform game in Java? Tutorial Episode 5 - YouTube

    I am looking into including a restart button also, (I currently have a pause button)

    Finaly, how would i include a timer at the top of the screen so that the user knows how long it has taken them to complete the level?

    sorry for the basic questions - I am new to java and found little help from google :L

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    Default Re: change sprite from drawing to an image - also, impliment restart button? - Timer?

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