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    Default Lightweight Java Game Library?

    Hey guys,

    I really want to get into Java game development, but when I try using already pre-made engines (jMonkey) that already have implemented lighting and physics and what not, I feel like I'm not learning enough. I feel like I just have to write a bunch of lines of code and only have a little bit of wiggle room. Example: to code a simple 3d cube in jMonkey, I have to first make a box and set the position of it, I then have to make this box a geometry object which gives it depth, and I THEN have to give it a material. The only code I get to change here is where the box is positioned, what color it is, how big it is and the type of material. Everything else is robotic, hackneyed code that I need to write every time in order for the program to work.

    Can't I just have a simple coding engine which will allow me to import my own graphics and then go from there? No need to write repetitive code just to make a box that I don't even want?! I heard that that was what the LWJGL was. Is it really what I am looking for?

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    Default Re: Lightweight Java Game Library?

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