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    Default Java Game Design

    hey I've been looking at alot of java games, and i dont know how to make a 3d platform without a game making engine. like minecraft.

    i was wondering if anyone knew how to do that, thank u in advance.

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    Default Re: Java Game Design

    Hi Conker,

    Programming in Java 3d(or any 3d) is a big leap, and a complex operation.
    I do not want to put you down, as game programming is an adventure.
    But I would seriously consider doing a simple version of your game in 2d before even thinking about 3d.
    Besides if you miss out the 2d programming part, you wont feel prepared for 3d in the first place.

    Thats not to say it cannot be done, because, as you yourself know Minecraft is written in Java.

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