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    Default Is 3D game creation possible with Java?

    Hi all. I'm new to Java but on my way. I've some experience with building game engines in VB and this can be extrapolated to working with the XNA Game Studio for Microsoft. This enables game development for pc, windows phones, and x-box 360.

    I was wondering if Java is capable of making games such as BattleField 3 or some other visually amazing games? I believe that most of these games are coded using C++.

    Is there a good open source game engine that is available?
    Can Java integrate with console games, or possibly just pc's?

    Thanks for any answers and pointers in the right direction.


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    Default Re: Is 3D game creation possible with Java?

    Yes, you can write 3D games in java. There are many packages written which bind java to native 3D engines such as OpenGL (for instance JOGL - google for more information)

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