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Thread: Risk type game

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    Default Risk type game

    Hi I am new to this forum and also to programming.I started learning Java 3 months ago and now I finally feel ready to start creating my first project.Since I always liked games I tought
    that my first project should definetly be a game.So I was thinking of creating a risk type game ,I have a couple of ideeas on how I could achive that but nothing concrete on how I could
    implement my ideeas.

    So my first order of busines would be to study someone else is Java code on this type of game.Problem is kind find any source code for it (I did find a couple of games but couldent find it's source code).So can anyone point me to a site or book that has the source code for this game or for a strategy games(i'm realy fond of strategy games).Thank you!

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    Default Re: Risk type game

    My first, best advice to you is to start smaller. Even a "simple" game like this includes some not-so-simple concepts. Start with something more like tic-tac-toe. You're still going to have to create the logic for taking turns, setting the state of a cell, etc, and a lot of it is going to be reusable. If you're new to programming, one way to become frustrated early is by biting off too much.
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