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    Post Complete Game Engine for beginner and intermediate game programmers

    About a year ago I wanted to create a game engine for myself where I wouldn't have to constantly have to modify to change a current engine to fit a new game that I would design. My first attempt was fairly sad, drawing only polygons with the worst sprite detection imaginable. Then I upgraded the engine to draw images and have more accurate bound checking. Then I grew from there, further and further until my game engine Easy Clip2D was born.

    Easy Clip2D is a 2D game engine that allows programmers to use pre-defined collision algorithms or create their own and plug it into the engine. Alias there is no physics engine applied to Easy Clip2D but thats where you come in of course. Easy Clip is designed to help beginner and intermediate game programmers a way to get a better understanding for designing their own game engines. Easy Clip2D can create a very very simple game, up to a fairly complex game as well.

    -Easy Clip2D does much background work for you so you can focus more on designing and building your game.
    - Easy Clip2D supports JPEG, BMP, and PNG images and animated sprites.
    - Easy Clip2D only supports .WAV sound files.
    - Easy Clip2D offers two highly effective collision boundary checking algorithms and the ability for you to create your own algorithm and plug it into the engine by implementing the interface Collision.
    - Easy to plug into your projects
    - Performs Multi-Threading
    - Predefined Sprite methods such as screen bounce, wrap, stop, and kill, as well as rotate, and move methods are at your disposal.
    - Easy to implement into your games
    - Only supports full screen display

    For now I will provide my very sad and rush written documentation for Easy Clip2D as a PDF for you guys to get a feel as to what easy clip can do. It's not finished, only 2 more topics to go.

    However the topics that are briefly covered are...
    1. Intro/Installation
    2. Constructing a Game Engine
    3. Text Sprite
    4. Keyboard and Mouse Input
    5. Creating a Sprite
    6. Drawing shapes
    7. Loading an Image
    8. Collision checking
    9. Custom Collision Checking

    Website for Easy Clip2D is here

    I hope this sparks everyone's interest and I hope the engine helps many beginners and intermediate programmers with understanding the concepts of game design.
    (The poll above will let me know how interested people are, the more people the more likely i will release the engine. )
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    The new documentation for Easy Clip2D will be coming soon, It will walk through how to design a game, going over almost every detail of Easy Clip. Right now you can download it in the link from the first post of this thread. There is also a sample program on the site too.

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