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    Default New Game Project

    I'm currently working on a game project but need some help with logics and ideas.

    So far I've made a gameboard with terrain, pathing and units. I can contol 1 unit and move it around on the map with fully working collision and map boundries. I've also added a camera that follows the unit, (the unit is still on the center of the screen while the rest is moving).

    So far it works perfect without bugs or anything.

    What I need help and ideas with is how to effectively build the game.


    When I start the actual game there should come up a game-menu where I could choose new game, load game and so on.

    How(where and in what order) should I organize and units-stats and game-engine logics?

    Im currently adding to the gameboard:
    static Terrain terrain;
    static Pathing pathing;
    static Units units;

    Etc Units hold the gameboards units, by adding Unit objects to an ArrayList.

    public class Units {
    private ArrayList units;
    public Units() {
    units = new ArrayList();
    public ArrayList getUnits() {
    return units;
    public void addUnit(int x, int y, int type) {
    units.add(new Unit(x, y, type));

    This is the Unit class;

    public class Unit {

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    I am releasing a game engine, if your new to game programming it will be a great start,
    By any means this is not spam I just want to help the gaming community

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