Hello everybody :)

I'm posting here to ask if any of you is interested in helping me implementing an Ultima Online server in Java. My motivations are:
- i love UO
- i very much like Java
- i'd like to learn something new within Java programming which I don't usually use (i work with Java EE)

I've already started out with some basic protocol stuff; by now I'm still at the login phase.. so it's still a very early stage - but it's something I like to do in my free time.

By now I've been concerned in the ability to reverse engineer what's already there, so basically I managed to:
- run a runuo server on my machine, log in there, use wireshark (a tcpdump-like tool) to read what client and server are telling each other and read what each packet means by reading the available docs (expecially PenUltima Online ( POL )) - this is somewhat tedious because the server compresses the packets after the pre-login phase, so I had to implement an handy way to decompress them, but it's now very easy to do
- examine runuo (open) source as a reference

Well enough talking, I hope not to have bored you, if anyone is interested just post here.