Hi to all,
Hope you will be fine. I am new to game programming and building my second game in JavaME which is a cricket game. I positioned the sprites in my game. I made sprites using game builder in Net-beans 9.1. I positioned my ball sprite at location (140, 100) , other sprites at location (87, 120), (100, -6) and etc. But when i get ball sprite x and y, i got ball Sprite x and y (0,0) while the other two sprites x and y are same as i set in the game

Java Code:
        System.out.println("ballSprite.getX: " + ballSprite.getX());  //0
        System.out.println("ballSprite.getY: " + ballSprite.getY()); //0

        System.out.println("spriteShots.getX: " + spriteShots.getX());  //87
        System.out.println("spriteShots.getY: " + spriteShots.getY());  // 120

        System.out.println("spriteImpire.getX: " + spriteImpire.getX()); //100
        System.out.println("spriteImpire.getY: " + spriteImpire.getY()); //-6
I want to ask why it is giving me ball sprite x and y (0, 0). I set ball sprite at (140,100). When game starts the ball is at location (140, 100) but when i get X and y using System.out.println() it gives me 0,0. Why?????????