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    Default some general info needed

    hey guys, i'll try to keep this short and simple. i'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this on, if it's not please move it! or it might not even be the right forum, if so please let me know.

    well i'm in my first year in college doing a 4 year computer science degree and i'v just finished my first semester. we've being learning programming through java and so far we have done most basic java functions including if statements, loops, arrays etc so to the point! i have been always wanting to make my own 2D mmo game and i would love to get my head around what i would need to know to make one. i assume i would need to code a client first? then code up a map editor to make the world map? then eventually make all my own sprites (i think making all the sprites would be the hardest part and would make or brake the game right?) etc maybe this is a bit early for me to be asking this stuff but i'm sure i'll get there eventually. also is java the best language to do a 2d game with?

    thanks guys and abologies if this is the wrong forums altogether to ask questions like this. if you know a forum or website where this belongs please let me know

    here's a pic of a game-client that it would look like

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    just a beginner trying to find his way :rolleyes:

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    Firstly: start SMALL.

    Game development isn't an easy task, and starting with something as big as a full MMORPG will be very challenging. It's probably better to start of with something small and try different things before you start on a big project.

    That being said, you might find more information on this forum: - Index

    And here's a tutorial that will get you started:
    Space Invaders - 2D Rendering in Java | Coke And Code - Java Games and Games Development

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