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    Default Starting Out...

    Hey guys,

    i would like to make a game. i have an idea for a game i have always wanted to make but never done anything about it.

    After seeing the Game Minecraft i have now seen how powerful Java can be and i like what i see.

    Where would you recommend i start to becoming a game programmer?

    is there any specific things i should learn first within Java that i might not learn from just doing standard basic apps?

    any type of game i should work on first?

    any advice would be greatful.


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    Default Jogl

    Hi maknib

    A good place to start when writing games is learning how to use graphics API. For simple 2D stuff, AWT or Swing graphics will work nicely. However, if you need graphics acceleration, you'll need to look at OpenGL or other 3D API. The JOGL wrapper classes are useful for working with Java and OpenGL. If you understand OpenGL, then you can use it any nearly any language. OpenGL is a greate place to start. I have a incomplete blog in JOGL here if you want to Google a few things. ;) O, and GLSL shaders are awsome!! :D

    Good luck
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